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Seeking more than just a single vape device? Benefit from a veteran supplier with 10 years of expertise in quality control, brand building, and profit growth. Allow ESM-SMOK to be the catalyst for your business success.

Hot-Selling Product

Seeking unparalleled vaping quality? ESM-SMOK e-cigs utilize premium e-liquids, top-tier lithium batteries, and eco-conscious materials. 

Experience the commitment to excellence as each device undergoes three rigorous tests, ensuring the e-cig delivered to your doorstep offers superior taste and smooth airflow.


Puff NO.: 12000

LED Display Screen

Airflow Adjustable


Puff NO.: 10000

LED Display Screen

Unique Design


Puff NO.: 8500

LED Display Screen

Mesh Coil


Puff NO.: 6000

Smooth Airflow

World Most Economical Price

Customize Service

Crafted with Precision, Tailored for Excellence: Dive into our specialized offerings that prioritize your unique brand identity. 

Our comprehensive OEM & ODM services are meticulously designed to mold each product to your specifications. 

Whether it’s a fresh design or a custom tweak, we’re equipped to translate your vision into tangible results. 

Partner with us to unlock unparalleled customization, ensuring every product resonates seamlessly with your brand’s essence.

Marketing Service

Empower your brand’s presence with our extensive marketing support tailored for you. 

Benefit from engaging videos, captivating photos, exclusive gift boxes, bags, display showcases, branded T-shirts, and more. 

Elevate your brand visibility with resources crafted specifically for our esteemed partners.

Factory Video

Experience the pinnacle of quality, as evidenced by our ISO 9001:2015 and INTERTEK Certifications. 

Benefit from an advanced quality management system that ensures consistent high-performance devices tailored for you. 

Every step, from rigorous raw material assessments to in-depth quality checks during production, is designed with your satisfaction in mind.

 Leveraging a formidable production capacity of 6 million pcs, trust ESM-SMOK to seamlessly align with your delivery timelines and volume requirements.



At FOF, our diverse range of certifications including CE, FCC, RoHS, TPD,MSDS, and ISO9011,

which ensures we meet global standards and cater to every customer’s unique demands. 

Quality you can trust, every step of the way

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